Research projects

Substantial resources and energy are constantly being invested in the search for innovative solutions and ever more efficient methods in the field of logistics.

The objectives are primarily concerned with improving performance in the "production" of our services in terms of increasing efficiency, such as:

  • The use of multimodal transport systems with lower environmental impact
  • Optimisation of loading and unloading and travel times
  • Elimination of non-productive kilometres thanks to a meticulous route planning system
  • Maximisation of load capacity in innovative vehicles

Research projects with the European Union - Marco Polo Project

One of the research projects undertaken by Lannutti concerned intermodal transportation of plate glass in Europe using innovative vehicles, highly adaptable for road and rail.

The Float Glass Intermodal System project, carried out by Lannutti, was actively backed by the European Union under the Marco Polo programme.

Over 255 million tons of goods were efficiently transferred from road to rail, with substantial benefits for the environment and road safety.