At the customer’s service for all transport needs

Wherever the destination, we guarantee goods delivery through our operations network located in key European countries.

  • Door-to-door deliveries
  • Full Truck Load
  • Partial Truck Load
  • Logistics terminal for collection, cargo consolidation and distribution
  • 18–24 hour speedy service anywhere in Europe
  • ADR goods transportation

Our staff are in real-time contact with the fleet via an advanced satellite system which is built into the operational structure. All shipments are constantly monitored and tracked until the moment of delivery.

The Lannutti road team consists of carefully selected professional drivers who take regular training courses in safe and environmentally friendly driving and road regulations.

In addition to our in-house fleet, we also work with a selected network of transport professionals who guarantee high standards and quality service.

Your goods travel in vehicles fitted with the best safety equipment for an extra-comfortable ride.


Increasingly green transport solutions

Our group embraces a green philosophy and provides transport services which are low in environmental impact, to reduce air pollution and heavy traffic on the roads. In other words: a cleaner and safer world.

We guarantee efficient coordination of road and multimodal freight, maintaining the overall quality of services demanded by our clients, from the loading bay right up to the final destination.

Our multimodal containers are specifically designed to be adaptable to the various transport methods, making this a truly competitive service.

  • Road & Rail transport services
  • Road & Sea transport services

Main routes currently served

Lannutti's professionalism in the development of innovative intermodal transport solutions has also been recognised by the European Community in the "Marco Polo" projects. To find out more, please consult our Research Projects!


Charleroi intermodal terminal (Belgium)

For transportation, including multimodal services, we run the Belgian Terminal at Charleroi, a strategic logistical location in the heart of Europe and only 50 km south of Brussels.
This is a multimodal terminal linked to the major European rail routes.

  • Surface area of 28,000 sq.m.
  • 3 railway lines with a total of 2,100 metres of track
  • Staff specialised in loading/unloading procedures for various cargo units
  • Specific equipment and machinery for goods moving: overhead and vehicle-mounted cranes can lift up to 45 tons
  • Handling and trans-shipment of cargo units
  • Extensive parking and goods storage areas
  • Inspection and maintenance services for various types of cargo units, cleaning and repairs
  • Fully equipped meeting rooms
  • Possibility of integration with goods processing, and integration with supply chain
  • Comprehensive despatch management


From warehousing to integrated supply chain management

Lannutti offers a wide range of logistics solutions, designed on the basis of detailed examination of the production demands of industrial clients and analysis of the flows of goods collection/distribution.

Our specialised team, latest technology and modern premises are at your disposal to take care of every aspect your logistics needs.

  • Storage & handling
  • Quality control of incoming/outgoing goods
  • Supplementary processing of goods
  • Preparation and mixing of outgoing goods
  • Packaging management
  • Despatch and tracking to final destination

Your goods are securely held in warehouses with 24 hour surveillance. All our buildings, installations and equipment are regularly checked in compliance with the latest security criteria.

Air & Ocean

Worldwide transportation services

Our staff keep abreast of market movements and the flow of goods, and are in close contact with a select network of foreign colleagues, in order to meet your goods collection/delivery needs on an international level.

  • Air freight
  • Shipping
  • Handling of all customs and administrative procedures relating to import/export
  • Management of bonded and tax warehousing

Glass Logistics

A super-soft service for glass transportation

Lannutti is the European leader in logistics management for raw glass, a particularly fragile material which requires maximum care and attention in every phase of distribution and supply.

Our fully-equipped premises, highly specialised staff, cutting-edge technology and sophisticated fleet of vehicles are at your service for handling every aspect of your glass transportation logistics.

  • Road and multimodal transport
  • Innovative Super-light vehicles for cargo maximisation
  • Storage, handling
  • Glass processing: cutting, logo application, insertion of sensors...
  • Preparation of outgoing orders
  • Despatch and tracking during transport

We handle all the various logistics needs with made-to measure services and constant monitoring of all goods, from collection from manufacturers, through warehousing and finishing processes, to final delivery to your clients.