Charleroi intermodal terminal (Belgium)

For transportation, including multimodal services, we run the Belgian Terminal at Charleroi, a strategic logistical location in the heart of Europe and only 50 km south of Brussels.
This is a multimodal terminal linked to the major European rail routes.

  • Surface area of 28,000 sq.m.
  • 3 railway lines with a total of 2,100 metres of track
  • Staff specialised in loading/unloading procedures for various cargo units
  • Specific equipment and machinery for goods moving: overhead and vehicle-mounted cranes can lift up to 45 tons
  • Handling and trans-shipment of cargo units
  • Extensive parking and goods storage areas
  • Inspection and maintenance services for various types of cargo units, cleaning and repairs
  • Fully equipped meeting rooms
  • Possibility of integration with goods processing, and integration with supply chain
  • Comprehensive despatch management